Welcome to the Maddie Files: All About Single Parenting

Hello! Welcome to the “Maddie” Files – posts about the adventures, challenges, and rewards of single parenting, whether by circumstance or by choice.  I’ve been a single parent since my child was in utero, by circumstance, but ultimately…well, doesn’t life always really boil down to choices?

Sometimes we think that we are victims of circumstances beyond our control, but there is always a choice to be made (and NOT making a choice also boils down to choosing not to decide, doesn’t it?)…and single parents have it hardest.

We are the ultimate Do-It-Yourselfers, planning, thinking, imagining, re-imagining. Sometimes we have our little pity parties, wishing for a “better half” to help us out emotionally, financially, romantically; we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t sometimes wish we could do things differently and have some “in-house” support – even if we have a great external support network of family and friends. But we also get to reap the rich rewards life as a single parent can give us…and we don’t have to share the limelight! 🙂

This blog is about sharing the past, present, and future. I hope many more will contribute their experiences, advice, suggestions, corrections and support to these Maddie Files so that we can make this a living space!

Peaceful Parenting,

The Original Maddie!


About maddiefiles

The Maddie Files are about the adventures, challenges and rewards of single parenting. A "Maddie" is a mommy-and-daddy-in-one, a term coined by me when my child was 2 years old or so. This blog is for all single parents, whether by circumstance or choice.

2 responses to “Welcome to the Maddie Files: All About Single Parenting

  1. Welcome to a wonderful community Maddie. I joined three weeks ago and have found it enlightening to say the least. Some wonderful people out there to get to know and read about. Plenty of inspirational stories!

    Look forward to following your journey…and I like the name (and it’s meaning…with a twist)

    Nice to have met you 🙂

    • Thank you, slapppshot! Your words of welcome were so thoughtful and moving! I am truly looking forward to being an active part of this community…and catching up on your blog! Do you also publish it as a graphic novel? I definitely think you should consider it! Did you draw the cover yourself (I read briefly you are a painter and decorator, so I, of course, put two and two together and said “true and talented artist!”)?
      Now, “Maddie” as in this blog is my own coinage; I had to come up with something rather on the spot, as DD had asked me why she didn’t have a father…and she was 3.5 years old at the time. She liked it, so it stuck. I like it because it works for both moms and dads – anyone can use it.

      Nice to have met you, too! 🙂

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