An Open Invitation To Guest Blog

Hello to all my fellow “Maddies” (Mommy-and-Daddy-in-one)!

I would like to extend an open invitation to serve as guest blogger! If you have any thoughts, inspiration, personal philosophies, recipes, time-savers, advice, suggestions, etc. (following, of course, common rules of netiquette, “blogiquette,” common courtesy, no hating whatsoever, etc.) you would like to share with other single parents, I would love to post it – and a short bio of you and, of course, a backlink to your own blog(s) – on The Maddie Files!

If you would like to guest blog, please send an email to Write “Guest Blog” in the Subject line. Please include your real first and last names and a little bit about yourself that you wouldn’t mind sharing publicly. Then, simply attach your guest post (written in MS Word only, please) to your e-mail. Feel free to include a link (or two or three!) to your own G-rated blog(s) or website in your guest post!

 Looking forward to hearing from all of you and wishing you all,

 Peaceful Parenting!

 The Original Maddie 🙂


About maddiefiles

The Maddie Files are about the adventures, challenges and rewards of single parenting. A "Maddie" is a mommy-and-daddy-in-one, a term coined by me when my child was 2 years old or so. This blog is for all single parents, whether by circumstance or choice.

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